Panacea Innovation is committed to inspiring entrepreneurship among young scientists from all backgrounds, with the mission of maximising the translation of health and life sciences innovation.
Among our initiatives comes BioStars, our flagship Startups booster, aimed at enabling the bio-entrepreneurs of tomorrow to turn their scientific ideas into actual products.
Earlier this year, the BioStars accelerator took small-team startups and supported them with intensive mentoring and training, helping them to iterate rapidly on their business plans and ideas. Towards the end of the programme, many had game-changing potential and some reached a degree of proof of principle that raised interest among the investment community. We could see that translating biotech from bench to clinic can happen in months rather than years. 

Wondering how it is like being part of the pack running BioStars? Now it is about time that you can also take part of that exciting approach and join our alpha team!
We are recruiting (PhD-, MD-, MBA) students and Postdoctoral researchers; yet you do not need to be an expert, or have prior business experience to suit a particular role perfectly. Specific skills can be taught, but commitmentambition and flexibility are required from the very beginning.
The open positions within the BioStars Executive Team are career accelerators, representing a significant opportunity to develop your personal portfolio, make useful and long lasting contacts in the science and business worlds and enrich a true translational science experience.

Available Positions:

Programme Manager (BS-PM1)
-- Requiring exceptional time management and organisational skills, you will work to oversee the development of the programme. BioStars is seeking a dynamic and passionate team member to spearhead the     competition coordinating with all teams of BioStars to deliver an innovative and exciting strategy and ensure it achieves its full potential.


Community Lead (BS-CL)
-- Positioning ourselves as pioneers within the ecosystem is hugely dependent upon how we interact with our communities. The community lead will work to establish meaningful relationships with other clubs, societies and organisation throughout the globe to promote BioStars mission. You will also be organising our networking and social events.

 Entrepreneurship Lead (BS-EL)
--- You will work jointly with our start-ups to aid in the construction of business development plans, pitch decks and pitching skills to help the aspiring teams communicate their plans effectively and ensure they have covered all of the essential bases in their business ideas.


Investment Relations Lead (BS-IRL)

— Building the next generation of healthcare and life sciences startups requires access to smart capital, and smart capital requires access to good quality ventures. If you are passionate at bringing both ends then this is where you should apply!

Clinical Lead (BS-CL)

— The ultimate aim of building startups in BioStars is to deliver more efficient treatments to patients at lower cost and shorter timelines. In order to do that, we take the clinical aspects of our startups technologies into account from day one. If you are a clinician and think that you can help us identifying the right route into the clinic then this is where you belong.

Scientific Lead (BS-SL)

— Successful life sciences and healthcare startups are not built on hot air pitches. Instead rationale scientific hypothesis validated by the right set of experiments is its beating heart. If you are a multidisciplinary scientist that can help at validating the scientific concepts and guide the teams into their killer experiments, then this is your thing!

 Web-development Lead (BS-WDL)
-- With your advanced technical & graphical computer skills and troubleshooting skills you will help us with the design, layout, maintenance and update of the BioStars website. 


Content Creator (BS-CC)
-- You will exploit your creativity, excellent writing skills and eye for detail to develop catchy contents for our blog and social media pages; you will seek for relevant contributors and liaise with them for the production of original articles for our platforms.

Application Deadline: Sunday 5th of March, 2017

Submit your CV, alongside a brief covering paragraph explaining your suitability to, and motivation for the role (150-word limit), to Maria Magdalena Razalan ( Please include the position reference code in the subject line (e.g. [SUOXYZ]). Selected candidates will be invited for interviews on the week starting 7th March. Please note that ALL the positions are on a VOLUNTARY basis initially and require 10-12 hours of commitment on a weekly basis, 
but we usually have a lot to celebrate, and what better way to finish off those perfect days than with a classy dinner and a cocktail... or few!
We hope that you're excited and motivated by our 2017 forecast! Remember, we are in a unique situation - located in the centre of the Golden Triangle, in the heart of a biotech mega-cluster and we've caught the attention of investors, decision-makers and the leaders of our Universities. Let's piece this puzzle together and see what we can create!
- Panacea Innovation