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Panacea Innovation is committed to inspiring entrepreneurship among young scientists from all backgrounds, with the mission of maximising the translation of health and life sciences innovation.
Among our initiatives comes BioStars, our flagship Startups booster, aimed at enabling the bio-entrepreneurs of tomorrow to turn their scientific ideas into actual products.
During the past couple of years, BioStars has helped more than 65 small-team startups, supporting them through intensive mentoring and training, enabling them to rapidly progress their business plans and ideas. Towards the end of the program, many had game-changing potential and some reached a degree of proof-of-principle, raising interest among the investment community. We were able to see that translating biotech from bench to clinic can happen in months rather than years. Look what our latest winner has just achieved!

Wondering how it is like being part of the pack running BioStars? Now it is about time that you can also take part of that exciting approach and join our alpha team! Our alumni
We are recruiting (PhD-, MD-, MBA) students and Postdoctoral researchers; yet you DO NOT need to be an expert, or have prior business experience to suit a particular role perfectly. Specific skills can be taught, but commitment, ambition and flexibility are required from the very beginning.
Once a Panacean, Always a Panacean!

Even beyond their time with BioStars, Panaceans keep shaping the future. Our alumni go on to lead major organisations, launch innovative new ventures and recruited by leading industrial, consulting and investment firms. BioStars continues to be an asset for our alumni's careers - representing a significant opportunity to develop your personal portfolio, make useful and long lasting contacts in the science and business worlds and enrich a true translational science experience.

These positions on voluntary basis and require 6-8 hours commitment on weekly basis, but we usually have a lot to celebrate, and what better way to finish off those perfect days than with a classy dinner and a cocktail, or few!

We have few open positions to cover a few of the following responsibilities:

  • Helping with the conceptualisation of new pipeline projects in BioStars 
  • Supporting BioStars business development activities with the world's leading industrial and academic organisations
  • Developing and maintaining business relations with the industry's leading executives
  • Supporting ecosystem engagement relationships with local societies, networks and institutes
  • Supporting the design and management of BioStars workshops and bootcamps
  • Helping us scout out new and exciting technologies and startups
  • Aiding our startups in building rigid scientific strategies and validating their hypotheses
  • Aiding our startups in building rigid business plans and investment strategies
  • Assigning mentors to startups and supporting communications between both parties
  • Supporting our outreach through social media communications and tactical marketing strategy.


Application Deadline: 11:59pm GMT, Sunday 30th July, 2017

Application Process:
Submit your CV, alongside a brief covering paragraph explaining your suitability to, and motivation for joining our team and any particular interest/s in the above mentioned responsibilities (150-word limit), to Eleanor Price ( Selected candidates will be invited for interviews on the week starting 31st July.
We hope that you're excited and motivated by our 2017-2018 forecast! Remember, we are in a unique situation - located in the centre of the Golden Triangle, in the heart of a biotech mega-cluster and we've caught the attention of investors, decision makers and the leaders of our Universities. Let's piece this puzzle together and see what we can create!
We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Good Luck!